Vector-Based Editing Tools for Easy Data Handling

3D-DOCTOR provides a complete set of editing tools for different data types:

   1. Image Editor: Image pixel values can be displayed in real time on screen. A user can also modify pixel values by drawing in the image with a specified pen, and map pixel values to new ones.

   2. Boundary Editor: Object boundaries generated from segmentation can be edited using this editor. A user can delineate an object boundary or region of interest manually with the boundary line editor. Boundary lines are used directly in 3D surface rendering and volume rendering.

   3. Point Editor: Points of 3D locations can be marked using this editor. The locations can then be used on another image to show the difference of certain locations.

   4. Annotation Editor: Text annotations can be made using this editor. Text annotations can be added at any locations in the 3D space.

Step 1. Original CT image

Step 2. Segmentation

Step 3. 3D mesh model created

3D-DOCTOR is an advanced 3D modeling,  image processing and measurement software for MRI, CT, PET, microscopy, scientific, and industrial imaging applications. 

3D-DOCTOR supports both grayscale and color images stored in DICOM, TIFF, Interfile, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PGM, RAW or other image file formats. 3D-DOCTOR creates 3D surface models and volume rendering from 2D cross-section images in real time on your PC. 

You can export the mesh models to STL (ASCII and Binary), DXF, IGES, 3DS, OBJ, VRML, PLY,  XYZ and other formats for surgical planning, simulation, quantitative analysis and rapid prototyping applications. You can calculate 3D volume and make other 3D measurements for quantitative analysis. 3D-DOCTOR's vector-based tools support easy image data handling, measurement, and analysis.

3D CT/MRI images can be re-sliced easily along an arbitrary axis. Multi-modality images can be registered to create image fusions. Misaligned slices can be automatically or semi-automatically aligned using 3D-DOCTOR's image alignment functions. The 3DBasic scripting tool makes it easy to create Basic-like sophisticated 3D imaging programs. Get 3D-DOCTOR today and visualize your images in 3D.

3D-DOCTOR is approved by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration 510K clearance) for medical imaging and 3D visualization applications. It has been named the Top 3D Imaging Software by Scientific Computing & Instrumentation Magazine in the Year 2002 and Year 2000 Annual Technology Leaders Issue

3D-DOCTOR is currently being used by leading hospitals, medical schools and research organizations around the world.