Microscopy Imaging Applications Using 3D-DOCTOR

3D-DOCTOR is being used by users around the world to create 3D visualization and quantitative analysis using microscopy images.  

The fully automatic and interactive image slice alignment functions will easily align scanned image slices for accurate 3D rendering and analysis.

Here are some image samples provided by researchers Lambot M-A, Mendive F, Vanderhaeghen P, and Vassart G at  IRIBHM, University of Brussels (ULB), Brussels, Belgium. The research was done to confirm the anatomy of the deferent ductules in mice, confirm how they fuse to make the epidydimis which is believed to be different in mice and in humans. 

1. The screen image of the microscopic source images with scale bar:  

2. The whole mount view of a real dissected testis efferent ductules and epididymis again with scale bar:














3. The 3D model of a single tube:     

Other application samples:

Confocal Microscope Image

3D-DOCTOR is currently being used by many users around the world for 2D and 3D microscopy imaging applications, including SUNY Buffalo Microscopy Imaging Center, Univ. of Minnesota, VA Medical Center, and many others.

3D-DOCTOR is named the Top 3D Imaging Software by Scientific Computing & Instrumentation Magazine in the Year 2002 and 2000 Annual Technology Leaders Issues.

Cell Image

Bring 2D and 3D microscopy images in TIFF, BMP, JPEG, DICOM, or raw file formats directly into 3D-DOCTOR for 3D display and analysis.

Create 3D models from microscopy images and export the models to other systems for further analysis. Some 3D export formats supported in 3D-DOCTOR are DXF for AutoCAD, 3DS for 3DStudio, STL for rapid prototyping, PLY (Polygon File)  and VRML for viewing on the Internet.

Object Counting and Measurement

Measurements: 3D volume, surface area, 2D area, length, and a complete object report

Automatic Image Segmentation: Creates object boundaries automatically and produces a statistical report

Automatic Image Slice Alignment

Image Registration

3D-DOCTOR supports the industrial standard TWAIN interface so your image acquisition can be done easily.

Microscopy Tissue Image

In-Focus Image Fusion: Creates a fully focused image from multiple images of different focal planes.

Color Image Fusion: Combine 3 grayscale images into a 24-bit RGB image

Mathematical Image Fusion:  Used to combine two registered images together using a user specified operator to create a new fusion image.


Maximum Entropy Based 3D Deconvolution

Fast Nearest Neighbor Deconvolution