Download the Latest Upgrades

3D-DOCTOR's new upgrade is free to existing users within the free tech support period or under a yearly support contract. Please contact us for more information.

The installation files are different for different licensing options. Please use the correct link to download the installation file.  

Software key license without a USB dongle.   Note: You need to install the new version into the existing 3D-DOCTOR folder where the validated license file is kept.  3dsetup.exe
Individual license with a USB (or parallel port) dongle. Note: The old parallel port dongle may still work with the latest release but the key is no longer supported.

USB Key Driver Installation: If this is the first time installation on the PC (no previous 3D-DOCTOR installation), you'll need to run the "hdd32.exe" file in the 3D-DOCTOR program folder to install the device driver for the key.
Network floating license with a network USB dongle
3D-DOCTOR Viewer - free 3D viewing tools for 3D-DOCTOR renderings 3D-DOCTOR Viewer
3D-DOCTOR 64-bit Version Please contact us.


Online Training

We also have a live online training program available. Please contact us if you'd like to sign up for a training session.

We thank you for using 3D-DOCTOR and we always make sure your questions are answered and your  problems solved. Please feel free to email us or call if you need any assistance.