Advanced Image Processing: Image Registration, Geo-Referencing, and Image Mosaic

Image Registration and Warp

  • R2V allows you to register one image against another image by using 4 or more control points.   
  • Image warp can correct map or image distortion so that two images can be overlaid on top of each other.    
  • R2V supports bi-linear or triangulation based methods for image registration.

Image Registration and Warping 

Geo-Referencing Images with R2V:

  • GeoTIFF: supported by many image processing and GIS packages    
  • World File: supported by all ESRI products and other packages.    
  • TAB File: supported by MapInfo and other products.    
  • R2V's own control points method.

Image Mosaic

  • R2V's  Image/Mosaic function allows you to stitch a group of images together to create a mosaic image. Images with overlapped borders are correlated to create seamless image mosaic.    
  • This function can be used to merge small image sections together when using a small format scanner.

Image Mosaic