Soil Map Vectorization

  • If your soil map is scanned as a 1-bit black and white image, you can Auto Vectorize to get all parcel boundaries vectorized automatically.    If your soil map is drawn on an aerial photo, scan the image as grayscale.    
  • Use  Image/Set Image Threshold to separate the lines from the background or use  Image/Remove Background to clean up the background.    
  • Select Vector/Auto Vectorize to trace all the boundary lines automatically.    
  • Use the  Vector/Create Polygon Layer function to close all polygons

Soil Map

Flood Map Vectorization

  • If the flood regions are in different colors, you can scan the flood maps as color images and vectorize only the flood regions using the  Boundary Line mode.    
  • If you have a lot of maps, you can process the maps using R2V's batch processing mode to vectorize all the maps together with just a single processing script.