• Purpose -- Learn and master R2V from the comfort of your own office. In the 4-hour training session, we'll show you how to use R2V to vectorize and edit scanned maps and drawings. You'll see the instructor's PC screen in real time. You can ask questions and get answers during the training.

  • How to Attend: To attend a web training, all you need is a PC with internet connection and a phone to join the audio teleconference. Please email us (info@ablesw.com) to register a web training. We'll email you the details about the training once you are registered.

Topics convered by R2V Training

  • Introduction to R2V
  • How to vectorize black/white and grayscale images
  • How to process color images
  • Automatic vectorization and interactive tracing
  • Control points and geo-referencing
  • Polygon creation
  • Editing tools
  • Advanced image processing (registration/warp, classification, thresholding)
  • 3D data creation
  • Export formats